Cider Musings

Cider things that make me happy (in no particular order)



With credit to Adam Well and Cider Review. Please compil and post your list


Knowing that more varieties of apples and pears are used to make cider and perry than I will ever find. 

Cider shared between friends.

Listening to the rain in the orchard 

Drinking a bottle by myself in a quiet moment in the orchard.

Listening to apples falling in the orchard.

Enjoying the dappled sunshine under the orchard canopy.

Listening to the bubbling of an airlock

The bottom barn at Ross on Wye.

Watching sunrise over the orchard

Going organic

Discovering two unknown perry pears in Aotearoa/NZ

Watching sunset over the orchard

Looking at a intricate detail in single apple or pear blossom

20 year old Apple brandy from Somerset Cider Brandy company 

The continued existence of Flakey Bark.

Wild flowers in the orchard sward

That I am in social media groups with  close friends I would never have met but for cider.

Pouring a ridiculously good perry for someone who has never tasted the drink before.

The Pomonas of yesteryear.

That there are French and Spanish cider styles as well as English 

That an apple pip won’t grow into a tree of the variety it came from.

Drinking Strongbow in my old local pub as a youth

Full-strength cider being barely half the alcohol content of wine. 

Bottle conditioning and method Albion.

Grateful for the cider maestros of old Kenelm Digby, Christopher Merrit, Lord Scudamore, Rev John Beale. John Worlidge, and Ralph Austen. 

Looking a a traditional orchard in blossom

The cider glass collection at the Museum of Cider in Hereford.

That the language of cider and apple variety flavour is evolving

The ‘psst’, ‘smoke’ and scent of an opened bottle of method Albion. 

That no one today has a clue what the ‘right’ glass for cider is, despite that Lord Scudamore did back  back in 1630. 

Cider and especially perry pairing with fish & chips, curry ,cheese esp. Stilton  and spicy food

Seeing May Hill 

The sight of an old traditional cider orchard in the landscape

When someone messages you about a cider or perry they have recently bought and enjoyed.

The concept of terroir. 

That the same apple juice fermented by different cider makers can taste so different 

The complexity of wild fermentation 

That there is more extraordinary cider and perry in existence right now than there has ever been in the world at any previous point in history since 1664.

Accessibility of the  great cider makers and Andrew Lea 

Old English cider bottles. Dusty with years of storage

Using cider in a recipe instead of wine.

Meeting Tom Oliver

Finding amazing cider or perry unexpectedly at a pub or bar.

The mystery and magic of grafting

The different colours sizes and textures of cider apples and perry pears

That Perry is usually single variety and one tree can provide so much thankfully 

Who invented the word cidery? 

People from cider social media stepping into real life at an event and saying hello.

That the French allowed and perfected blending of apple and pear juice mixed. 

Knowing cider is more akin to wine than beer

Knowing that Kingston Black grows absurdly well in Wairarapa Aotearoa 

That  very few cider makers can balance a hopped cider as good as Alex Peckham 

Perry pear trees in Herefordshire recorded to be over 300 years old. Older than the Union of England and Scotland. 

Golden fresh-pressed apple juice 

Everyone happily passing on the phrase ‘Napoleon called perry the champagne of the English’ despite there being no evidence for this happening whatsoever. Someone PLEASE send me a reference

The number of apples  that one single standard tree can grow, 

Drinking Flakey Bark perry with Mike Johnson in the cider cellar at Ross-on-Wye 

Shropshire sheep 


Cider festivals

The sound of a  slow rolling fine natural ferment

Morris dancing 


Researching cider and perry. 

Knowing the Normans brought cider apples to England and that my ancestors were Norman hence the prefix 'fitz' in my surname.