Cider Musings

Isaac Newton and apples.

Isaac Newtown was an earlier Fellow of the Royal Society.

His theory of gravity is well known to school boys the world over. Most is true but some apocryphal features have crept in. Firstly he was not hit on the head by an apple. He watched apples falling at his Lincolnshire house Woolsthorpe Manor near Grantham in late summer 1666.

He was there having retired from London because of the plague. The tree in question was a Flower  of Kent, a culinary apple mainly green with a red tinge. This is a shy cropper so we were in luck Isaac saw one fall. The tree and the story is well documented. Amazingly the tree is still alive although on its third set of roots being blown over. 


Although it is not known if Isaac Newton made cider it is recorded that he bought a lot of apple trees from Ralph Austen of Oxford a renowned cider maker and nurseryman.