Cider Musings

Museum of Cider

The Cider Museum is a museum in Hereford,  England, about the history of cider. The museum was set up as a Trust in the 1970s by Bertram Bulmer, Norman Weston and the Director of Long Ashton Research Station, John Hudson. They realised that unless a collection was started, then much of the story of cider making would be lost.

The museum is housed in a former cider-making factory at Pomona Place in Hereford, which dates back to 1888 - Bulmer’s Drylands factory site which has underground cellars for the storage of methode champenoise cider Bulmers used to make.

The museum was never intended to be "the Bulmers Heritage Centre"  but is an independent charity which raises money from admissions, events, the shop, tearoom, grants and meeting rooms. It welcomes the Bulmer's Pensioners once a month to a coffee morning in their old place of work.A lot of the exhibits have been donated and sourced from 'competitor' companies large and small in the UK and Normandie. 


However, a major part of the collection arrived in 2003 when Bulmers was taken over by Scottish and Newcastle Brewery and the rare collection of 18th century cider glasses came to the museum.


Here is an article on the Museum by my friend and curator Elizabeth  Pimblett. And a link to a short video