Cider Musings

New Cider Book: The Lost Orchards, rediscovering the forgotten cider apples of Dorset.

I highly recommend this new book on apples by the acclaimed cider and apple writer Liz Copas with Nick Poole The Lost Orchards: Rediscovering the forgotten cider apples of Dorset. Published by Little Toller books. There is much more to this book than the name suggests. Not only are lost orchards rediscovered but also the ancient apple varieties that were planted in them. Apples with wonderful names. These were then tasted grafted and genome analysed. The second part of the book covers a history of apples from Asia to Europe and England and looks at this with particular reference to trading routes to and from the West Country which includes Dorset. The story is taken up to today and includes sections on science and Long Ashton. I thoroughly recommend it to those interested in apples, history the countryside and cider makers alike. Novices, casual or experienced alike. Written in an easy informative style. Delightful to read.