Cider Musings

Zork caps




It seems like just a few years ago that the only quality wine makers using the screwcap were in New Zealand. Cork ruled supreme. Other closures were for cheap products. The 'bag in box' effect. They're now practically everywhere as people realise that there may be a better way to seal wine bottles than with 17th century technology. The same applies to champagne bottles. Several methods have been developed but few have met with public acceptance. The Zork may just be the one. It's the one we decided on. Our methode albion or method traditional cider has a dosage of 10 grams sugar/litre which results in 5 atmospheres pressure when fermented en bottle. Any higher and the cider gushes on opening the bottle. Champagnes tend to be higher at 8 atmos. this makes extracting the standard champagne cork easy. Sadly not so with cider hence a lot of producers use crown caps. However we wanted a product more eco-friendly and resealable. We did not want our customers to feel 'pressurised' to drink a whole 750ml bottle at one sitting but to savour the product over a couple of days. The Zork was developed in 2002 in Adelaide, Australia by founder, inventor and technical director, John Brooks.  Zork is an attempt to retain the rituals of uncorking without the drawbacks of cork. A small plastic sealing ribbon is twisted off and the cap is then pulled out with an audible “pop.”

The environment is important to us. The Zork contains an ingenious 4 piece construction, it features a soft seal which holds the pressure, a foil gas barrier to prevent flatness and oxidation, and a collet and cap locking mechanism. The ZORK SPK has a 40% smaller carbon footprint than the 'cork - muselet' and foil method, and becomes a reusable re-sealer for other bottles for the rest of its working lifetime and is 100% recyclable.


We hope you enjoy the experience.