Cider Musings

James Crowden. Cider author and poet.


James Crowden is an author and poet living in Somerset. Born in Plymouth in 1954. After a varied life with lots of travel he has settled back in Cider Country. A fitting tittle therefore for his new book, Cider Country to be published 19th August this year. I am pleased to be asked to review this book. Very simply this is the best and most comprehensive book on cider to date. A magnum opus of over 450 pages. Written is an entertaining style but packed with information. A lot of the history James has wrestled from the archives of the Royal Society which he visited in 2008 and viewed many original documents not available elsewhere. James has been on a decades long quest to establish the accuracy behind the invention of verre anglais orr strong English glass, sparkling cider and the technology transfer to champagne. This builds on the first lay announcement by Tom Stevenson Wine writer that this really happened. James has spoken  on the subject at the Royal Society. James has written several books on cider and rural life in his home counties.