Cider Musings

Leonard Mascall


Leonard was an Englishman. Born in but Kent date unkown; died 1589. He was an author and translator of agricultural books, Farrier to Charles 1st and he became clerk of the kitchen in the household of Mathew Parker Archbishop of Canterbury His books include one of interest  "Booke of the Arte and maner howe to plant and graffe all sortes of trees, howe to set stones, and sowe Pepines to make wylde trees to graffe on. … With divers other new practise, by one of the Abbey of Saint Vincent in Fraunce. … With an addition … of certaine Dutch practises, set forth and Englished". First published in 1569 with multiple further editions . This covers fruit tree raising in detail including grafting but not cider making. This was a translation based on the book "L'art et maniere de semer, et faire pepinieres des sauvageaux" by  Davy Brossard, a French Benedictine monk published in 1543.